Carpet Cleaning Altadena
Carpet Cleaning Altadena
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The leading commercial rug cleaning company that is available 24/7

Looking for the finest carpet cleaning services in California? You can count on us for your carpet concerns. We specialize in carpet cleaning and water restoration, as well as odor and stain removal. We can fix any problem with your carpet.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

You do not have the time or the tools for upholstery cleaning? Our team in California is readily available to do it for you. Our service is fast and reliable and covers all types of upholstery fabrics from cotton to microfiber.

Our carpet cleaning services are designed for both homes and offices. Our specialists in California remove stains and mold completely using the finest materials. Let us clean rugs, sofas and tiles to get equally good results. We work even with the most delicate Persian rugs. Count on us for water damage restoration services too. 

Residential Carpet Cleaning

House carpet cleaning is a regular task what we do every day. But, there may be some rug in your house that you can’t remove by your own.

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Water Damage Restoration

The idea here is to always keep on alert because the water damage can be an ongoing process or even occur abruptly.

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Stain Removal

We at Stain Removal Altadena are specialists in our work and we know that your carpet and upholstery need regular maintenance and seasonal cleaning.

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Sofa Cleaning

We are registered and certified by the national sofa cleaning examining bodies so as to ensure services of standard quality are given to our clients.

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Pet Hair Cleaning

With pet hair on the loose, your sofa can easily become a magnet for odor and stains, but you can be assured our pet hair cleaning services will get it to look and smell like new.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Our professionals can clean any type of stain on any type of upholstered furniture. Hire our upholstery cleaning service and let us make your furniture look brand new.

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