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Here are easy to understand answers to the most frequently asked questions on carpet cleaning.

General problems raise common questions, and this is precisely the reason why we created this Frequently Asked Questions page. We have managed to gather the best solutions to convey our answers better. Before getting started with your carpet cleaning activity, read below for more information!

How important is removing stains immediately?

The faster you take care of stains, the better according to Carpet Cleaning Altadena. Stain removal will actually be easier if you just take a sponge and clean the grime immediately instead of waiting till it's dried. Stains are absorbed by the carpets or fabrics and you will only see a tiny spot. They would spread at the bottom of the carpet creating bacteria and bad odors and will be harder to remove them.

Should I place carpets in the bathroom?

It is not a coincidence that there are small bathroom rugs on the market. They are usually washable in the laundry machine and inexpensive. It won't be good for your health placing carpets in the bathroom even if you ventilate it properly. Moisture will still create water damage and there is a high possibility that mold will grow. As a consequence, you may develop skin allergies and carpet cleaning will be difficult.

How do I prevent greasy stains from spreading?

If you already find ordinary stains difficult to handle, prepare for the worse with greasy stains. Grease can continue spreading even when you think you have already dried the stain up. To prevent this continuous spread, you can put powder (talc, baby powder, or baking soda) on the stain. The powder will control the movement of grease stain.

Can I use deodorizers on my carpet after cleaning out any stains?

Yes, you can use a deodorizer on your carpet after cleaning out a stain. Before using one, consult our professional cleaners in Altadena on the best deodorizers you can use. However, a mixture of two tablespoons white distilled vinegar to one-quarter of water will also do.

When do I need odor removal?

You'll definitely know it because carpets smell really bad when they're wet. Mold will release awful odors and the bad smells may also be the result of pet and food stains. So, if the carpets get wet, take care of the problem and proceed with mildew inspection. Stains must be removed as soon as possible.

Is it okay to let my pets sleep on the rug?

There is no problem with letting pets on the rugs, but it runs the risk of your pet’s fur and even ticks and fleas to go into your carpet. Another problem is your pet relieving itself on your carpet. According to our specialists, it would take more cleaning processes to remove the ticks and fleas from your carpet.

What are the best carpets for bedrooms?

Since fibers differ, make the perfect choice depending on whether you're interested in a carpet for the master bedroom or the kids' one. Saxony carpets are ideal for the former and frieze carpets are perfect for the latter. Saxony fibers are very soft while frieze or even texture fibers are twisted and, thus, more resistant. Still, if you want to sleep well, frequent carpet cleaning is mandatory.

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