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Stain RemovalCarpets are among the most difficult items to clean. Most people think that vacuuming is quite enough, but it isn’t so. It is not so effective and doesn’t remove stains, for instance. When you have a problem with your carpet or upholstery – not only at home but also at work, Stain Removal Altadena is the perfect company to call. We use the most effective techniques and cleaning devices and our services will save you the work and provide excellent results.

If your carpets and furniture have been soaked in flood waters, let our residential carpet cleaning company be of help to you. After water extraction we will do flood damage restoration that will clean and dry your carpets, floors and furniture upholstery through and through. You will be amazed by the results. We also offer mold remediation and decontamination services and tile cleaning services that meticulously remove dirt and grime that have accumulated on the tiles and grout. Your tiles will have their luster back again. Our able team of cleaning specialists has been carefully trained to employ the latest cleaning methods using only eco-friendly products. They willingly share smart carpet cleaning tips meant to make your carpets last longer.

The process of stain removing can be a complicated one depending on the level of damage, the fabric of the carpet and type of stain. If you order our services, a team will be sent on the spot to assess the severity of the damage. They will check whether your carpet is made of artificial or genuine fibers. It is also important to say how long the stain has stayed on the carpet and from what it originates. We use different chemical solutions which are produced to tackle a wide range of spots. We can remove pet, food, and oil stains etc. To know what kind of solution is the most appropriate for the carpet, our specialists will check what are the recommended chemicals and substances for its cleaning. You can also order a hot water extraction or steam cleaning to ensure that all dirt and dust will be removed from the carpet surface. Our team will make sure that the carpet is absolutely dry when they finish its cleaning.

We at Stain Removal Altadena are specialists in our work and we know that your carpet and upholstery need regular maintenance and seasonal cleaning. If you order our services, we guarantee that your items will become as good as new and you won’t need to buy new ones. Thus, you will save money and preserve the unique atmosphere in your home. Our company can help not only with carpet stains but also with unpleasant odors. Usually, when you have this problem, the smell can be felt in the whole house and it is quite unpleasant for the people who live in it. Our company uses special deodorizers which extract the sources of the unpleasant odors and leave a fresh smell and clean carpet surface. On your request, our specialists can also apply special carpet protectors which will ensure the efficient cleaning of your carpet. These substances will allow you to remove dirt easily and stains won’t have a chance.

Brilliant dirty stain removal service provider

Stain Removal Altadena is a company with good reputation. We have won our customers  trust by the excellent services we offer – call us now and you won’t regret it!

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