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Upholstery Cleaning

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For restoring the safety, looks and comfort of your furniture, hire our upholstery cleaning service. Whether you have a large sectional sofa or a large set of couches, armchairs and ottomans that have to be cleaned, count on us to do the job perfectly in the shortest possible time. We work with absolutely all types of upholstered furniture regardless of its make, weave or age. All of our technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled.Upholstery Cleaning

Full Upholstery Cleaning by Experienced Professionals 

When you notice that the seating furniture has gotten too dirty to ignore, turn to us and we will make it clean and plush once again. Since there is small space between the fibers, dust, dirt, pollen and other particles such as the ones coming from tobacco smoke get built up between them. While regular DIY upholstery cleaning is part of regular home maintenance, it works for the removal of the particles only from the topmost layer. That is why it will stop producing the desired results after a short while. This is where our company comes in.

We provide a professional upholstery steam clean service. We use only technologically advanced equipment to produce the best end result. Different settings are used for cotton and microfiber sofa cleaning respectively. The steam is powerful yet gentle, forced deep into the fibers and breaks down the dirt stuck between them. Lastly, the particles are extracted and the furniture is left to dry. Our technician will take the necessary measures for speeding up the process to reduce waiting to the minimum.

Once the job is completed, your furniture will look like new. The color will be deep and bright as before and you will once again be able to feel the softness of the fabric when you sit down. You can readily use our upholstery and carpet cleaning services together for best results.

Stains are quite common, especially on seating furniture used in the living room. Whether someone has spilled wine or coffee or the kids have used the sofa as a canvas for their drawing, count on us for stain removal. The technician will inspect the stain first to figure out how it has affected the upholstery and choose the most appropriate technique and product for eliminating it.

At "Carpet Cleaning Altadena", we use only safe and potent cleaning products specially selected to be safe for the environment as well as for people and house pets. Contact us anytime to achieve the best results!

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