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If they are not properly cleaned, carpets, rugs and upholstery retain dust and pollen which are known for being powerful allergens. Get important tips in the field of carpet cleaning from this specially designed page to help your loved ones avoid allergies. You will find the advice to be more than helpful.

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Quick and easy tricks and useful tips in scrubbing off dirt from your carpet! Do you like oriental rugs? Learn how to keep them healthy. Did you know that dirty bathroom tiles will affect your health? Learn how to clean them.

Get oriental rugs

Persian rugs have a very interesting story to tell which is depicted on their surface. They are made by excellent craftsmen with the use of natural threads. Some wool rugs are woven with some silk threads, too. Their colors are natural and each one of them requires about three to five years getting ready. For these reasons, they are extremely valuable and a perfect investment according to Carpet Cleaning Altadena.

Keep bathroom tiles clean

Bathrooms and shower areas are decorated with beautiful tiles since they're resistant to water. The problem is not with tiles and tile cleaning but grouts. They are very absorbent and that's why their colors are changing over time. Grout cleaning is difficult because they absorb moisture and dust and if there is no good ventilation, you will have mold problems. Seal them to eliminate their capacity to absorb.

Clean outside the house

If you prefer the old fashioned way of rug cleaning by shaking of the dirt and dust on them and taking them off by force, then do it outside the house. Our experts say that debris shaken off indoors is most likely to circulate inside the house and find its way back to the rugs.

Use the right vacuum height

Our experts of carpet cleaning company in Altadena know that when using a vacuum it must be set at the right height. When set too low, it can damage the carpet as well as the roller brush and drive belt of the vacuum. When set too high, it is practically useless since it would not pick up any dirt.

Opt for deep carpet cleaning more often if you have kids

On one hand, the flooring tends to get much dirtier when you have children running around almost all the time. On the other, it is crucial for kids to live in an indoor environment which has the smallest possible amount of dust, dirt, pollen and other powerful allergens. With more frequent deep cleaning, you will have perfect peace of mind when your youngsters play on the floor.

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