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Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

11/13/2013 Back To Blog

Water damage cleanup is a dreary experience that all homeowners try to avoid. Just the thought of it leaves a knot in your stomach. For those individuals that have faced such as sobering situation of flooding in the home, you would probably agree that panic is the first reaction. That is completely understandable.Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

Minimize Damage

The first thing to do when facing indoor flooding is to minimize the damage. There are many things such as the carpet, flooring, walls, and furniture that can be absolutely ruined due to water damage; this can be quite costly to replace. Immediately locate the source of the leak or flood and try to stem-off the water flow, partially or completely if you are fortunately enough. This will stop the problem from getting worse.

Safety First

If you are considering entering the areas of the home that are flooded, be sure to keep your safety in mind. The content of the home can be replaced, however, you cannot. It is good to first ensure that the electricity in the flooded room or rooms is turned off. Turning off all of the power in the entire building is best. This will prevent the risk of getting electrocuted by unknowingly coming in contact with live wiring that is exposed to the water. Water damage cleanup can be a big task that should be approached with as much safety as possible. Carpet cleaning Altadena recommends having a professional evaluate the situation before acting on your own.

Savage What You Can

Smaller floor items such as areas rugs can sometime be saved from water damage by taking them up and placing them in a dry area such as the porch. Keep in mind that these rugs will be soaked in water which can make them quite heavy. Make sure that you are capable of lifting several pounds before bending and lifting the wet rugs.

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